There are often times when people approach me either in real life or through social media and they boast about how truly inspirational I am. My first instinctive reaction is always, “What, me? No way!” I suppose I’ve never really done anything “inspirational” in my life. I mean, I grew up in multiple small towns, […]

The Basics

Becoming an amputee can be one of the scariest and unexpected things one can go through. On the other hand, becoming an amputee can be something that is planned out due to health issues such as, diabetes and different types of cancer and still be an extremely scary thing to go through. Prepared or not […]


    Welcome to the Gulf Coast Prosthetics Blog! My name is Myah McDonald, some of you reading might have already gotten a glimpse of my previous postings and such. I know, I know – it’s been too long, but here I am! Back at it again! I realized that my first time trying out […]