Adult Prosthetic Service

Adult Upper Limb

The loss of any extremity or limb thru amputation or birth anomalies is a life altering event. Absence of all or part of the hand presents a unique set of challenges for any individual; however the use of prosthetic devises can dramatically assist in recovering much of those lost abilities. The loss of an extremity involves more than just the physical loss but also physiological and emotional challenges as well.

Restoring body symmetry is of vital importance to some individuals. We have a solution. From the tip of your finger to above the shoulder there is a prosthetic solution available. Gulf Coast Prosthetics has access to all the latest technological advancements available including advanced training.

Pediatric Prosthetic Service

Pediatric Limb

Infant and children prosthesis should not be a down scaled version of an adult prosthesis. Pediatric prosthetic care should be recognized as a specialty and the prosthetist providing care for our children must focus on the specific needs and challenges that this age group requires. The pediatric prosthetist should develop the communication skills required to interact with both patients and their parents. Children require regular monitoring of their prosthesis, constant adjustments to their prosthesis and periodical evaluations of their prosthetic needs as they grow, develop and mature.

When pediatric prosthetic care is required, Gulf Coast Prosthetics truly lives up to our promise of life-long care. We commit to each family so parents can feel confident that their child is being treated with the optimum outcome in mind, not only for the present, but for future changes in their lives as well.

Adult Prosthetic Service

Adult Lower Limb

Prosthetic advances for above / below the knee amputees are continuing at a very exciting pace. Innovative designs in socket configuration, and ever evolving technology make this area of prosthetics exciting. Microprocessor knee systems are becoming the standard of care. We now have externally powered knee systems as well. Foot and ankle technology is also ever changing and benefiting the amputee population.

Even with all the advancements in technology, it does mean a single thing unless the socket that your limb fits into is comfortable and well designed. At Gulf Coast Prosthetics, our skilled certified prosthetists have the expertise and technological know how to enable our clients to succeed. Our staff is constantly obtaining ongoing training and continuing education to insure, our knowledge base is thorough and complete. In this way Gulf Coast Prosthetics continues our commitment to the communities we support to insure we provide excellence in prosthetic care.

Pediatric Prosthetic Service

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Adult Prosthetic Service

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Peer Mentor Program

If you or someone you know is struggling with the loss of a limb or is about to have an amputation surgery, we can send a peer mentor whom is also an amputee to talk with the patient and help lift their spirits.

In-Home Services

If our patient is not able to travel, we can meet the patient at their home for all of their needs.


If the patient needs transportation to or from our office, we will pick them up as well as take them back home.

financial Program

We accept all major credit cards. We try our best to work with most financial situations.