About Us

Help is Our Main Goal

Established in 2012, we have put together a team of professionals with over 25 years of combined experience that are committed to meeting each and every patient’s needs. Gulf Coast Prosthetics was founded on the basis that patient care and attention promotes the best over-all healing process. Our team will provide you with the service and attention you not only need but also deserve

At Gulf Coast Prosthetics, we have an in-house fabrication laboratory in our office to ensure that each patient receives their prosthesis in a timely manner. We provide top-quality prosthetic health care to patients in Conroe, Spring, Humble, Huntsville and the surrounding Houston areas. Our patient centered approach, along with our staff expertise; onsite fabrication and leading edge technology set us apart and make us a dependable partner in your journey to discovering your potential. Gulf Coast Prosthetics knows that the device alone is not a solution for our patients. That’s why together, with referring physicians or facilities, we provide comprehensive support every step of the way.

Tracie Kmiec

Gulf Coast Prosthetics Owner, Tracie Kmiec, started the journey of GCP in 2012.

Nick Creason

Nick Creason is an ABC Board Certified Prosthetist and Texas State Licensed Practitioner at Gulf Coast Prosthetics. He received an Associate’s Degree in Physical Therapy Assistant and a Bachelor’s Degree in Health and Exercise Science from Missouri Western State University. He then attended and graduated from Northwestern School of Medicine in Chicago, IL where he received his Post-Bachelor’s Degree in Prosthetics. While growing up in a small town of 223 people, he had big dreams, but not just for himself! He is now entering his 10th year as an ABC Certified Prosthetist and has over 10 years of experience in the medical and patient care field.

Milan Patel

Milan Patel is an ABC Board Certified Prosthetist Orthotist (CPO) at Gulf Coast Prosthetics. He graduated from Baylor College of Medicine with a Master’s of Science in Orthotics and Prosthetics. He has over 10 years of patient-care experience working with a broad range of patients and medical conditions through his diverse work experiences. A native of Houston, Milan Patel has had a passion for helping others from an early age. This played a significant role throughout his life, that eventually led him to study biology as an undergrad at the University of Texas – Austin with the intent of going into the healthcare field. He spent the next several years working at Houston Methodist Hospital as a Radiographic Technologist. Milan found passion for patient-care through his bedside experiences with patients in the ICUs and other critical care units. His experiences working directly with the Orthopedic surgeons during their cases and a strong desire to have a greater impact in terms of a patient’s medical care or treatment plan lead him to pursue a career in Orthotics and Prosthetics.

Ann Thompson

“I have been working with GCP for over 6 years now as the Office Manager and absolutely love what I do! I love seeing the positive influence and changes we bring to our patients. I take pride in Gulf Coast Prosthetics, as a team we do everything we can to make sure our patients get the best patient care possible. GCP creates long-lasting and true relationships with our patients that go further than prosthetics. My life outside of work is spent with my husband of 22 years and our 3 boys, who all keep me pretty busy. I love spending time with my family, bowling, and being at the lake.”

Jaydon Moore

“I have worked for GCP for three years now. My responsibilities are to make sure I maintain a clean and safe environment for my patients and coworkers. I also assist our Prosthetists melt, cut, and laminate prosthetic limbs. I enjoy working for this company because we work hard to make sure the patient is very well taken care of. Seeing patients realize that walking again IS possible is a truly uplifting and rewarding experience that I love being apart of.”

Amanda Rodriguez

Amanda is a Certified Mastectomy Fitter by the Board of Certification/Accreditation. Amanda also acts as GCPs sales liaison for Houston and the surrounding areas. She specializes in patient care and tries to make every visit as productive and enjoyable as possible for all patients. She is a wife and Mother of three, so when she is not working in the field she loves spending time with her family.

Autumn Chapman

With over six years of experience at Gulf Coast Prosthetics, Autumn Chapman specializes in Medical Billing/Insurance. She enjoys the patient interaction it brings as well as the business side of things. Autumn is married with two children. In her spare time she enjoys watching them play sports and spending time vacationing with her family.

Norma Santana

“My name is Norma Santana, I have been with GCP for about a year now. I get the chance to help many people because I am bilingual. Being able to help the spanish community is very rewarding. I have really enjoyed working here, makes you look at life in a different manner. This place brings a smile to my heart, to see the difference we make in our patient’s lives. I hope to continue to bring happiness to our patients. I strive to do the best that I can for all of our patients!”

Complete Prosthetic Practice

Peer Mentor Program

If you or someone you know is struggling with the loss of a limb or is about to have an amputation surgery, we can send a peer mentor whom is also an amputee to talk with the patient and help lift their spirits.

In-Home Services

If our patient is not able to travel, we can meet the patient at their home for all of their needs.


If the patient needs transportation to or from our office, we will pick them up as well as take them back home.

financial Program

We accept all major credit cards. We try our best to work with most financial situations.