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Gulf Coast Prosthetics provides top-quality prosthetic healthcare to patients in the Greater Houston area.

Our patient-centered approach, staff expertise and experiences, on-site customization process and leading-edge technology set us apart and make us a dependable partner in your journey to rediscover your potential.

The Gulf Coast team knows that a device alone is not a solution for our patients. That’s why—together with the referring physician or facility—we provide comprehensive support every step of the way.

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A Complete Prosthetic Practice

Adult Upper Limb

The loss of any extremity or limb thru amputation or birth anomalies is a life altering event. Absence of the hand or arm presents a unique set of challenges for any individual; however the use of prosthetic devises can dramatically assist in recovering lost abilities.

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Pediatric Limb

Infant and children prosthesis should not be a down scaled version of an adult prosthesis. Pediatric prosthetic care should be recognized as a specialty and the prosthetist providing care for our children must focus on the specific needs and challenges that this age group requires.

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Adult Lower Limb

Prosthetic advances for above / below the knee amputees are continuing at a very exciting pace. Innovative designs in socket configuration, and ever evolving technology make this area of prosthetics exciting. Microprocessor knee systems are becoming the standard of care.

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