Welcome to the Gulf Coast Prosthetics Blog! My name is Myah McDonald, some of you reading might have already gotten a glimpse of my previous postings and such. I know, I know – it’s been too long, but here I am! Back at it again! I realized that my first time trying out this whole blog thing, I hadn’t really introduced myself properly. So, I would like to start this up-to-date blog with a little bit about myself so that you guys can get a feel of who I am, what I am, and why I became a part of the Gulf Coast Prosthetics team.   

To kick things off,

I am a full-time Psychology student, blogger, full-time baby wrestling Mama, and one heck of a karaoke singer (if I do say so myself). I live a very interesting and sometimes boring if we are being completely honest here, mellow life.

After my accident in November of 2015, I spent 88 days recovering in one of the greatest Southeast Texas hospitals, Christus St. Elizabeth. This would be where I endured excruciating pain, where my emotions ran rampant, where I felt the genuine love, support, and blessings of complete strangers, and lastly, where I began to learn and cope with the new life that I had been given.

Today, I live as a bilateral, above the knee and below the knee, amputee. I am learning how to use amazing prosthetics that allow me to live a somewhat normal life. I spend my days chasing after my daughter, Harper, as she begins her journey as a very curious and beautiful toddler and stay up way past my bedtime finishing up assignments that I had undoubtedly procrastinated.

I met Tracie, Gulf Coast Prosthetics owner, infamous entrepreneur, renown woman who was sweet with a dash of crazy (the good kind) when I was bed bound and feeble, having no thoughts on what my future might hold, how to get started, and quite frankly not even wanting to. She came into my hospital room with pep in her step and a giant basket with an assortment of treats and things that came in handy for the long days ahead. My family was the first to meet her, I was still comatose, and many questions swirled about in the worried minds of my family.  

“Will she ever be able to walk?”

“Will she be able to do things on her own; live on her own again?”

“Will she be able to drive?”

To which all those questions, Tracie answered, “Yes.”

She brought comfort to those that I love. Spoke to them and renewed their strength in knowing that I would be just fine. And she was right. I am driving, I am walking, and I am able to care for myself and my daughter, independently.

The motivation that I had gained from talking with Tracie was something I really needed. I began walking with my left below the knee prosthetic while still recovering in the hospital. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget. I suppose that was the moment I knew that working with Gulf Coast Prosthetics, a company that brought forth love and hope into the lives of families that had lost so much was something that I needed to do.

On this blog, I strive to bring my personal experiences, thoughts, tribulations, and achievements. I would like to be there for you all as you go through similar battles and reach out to you with my words. I wish to share my knowledge with those who are having a difficult time, needing advice, wanting some food for thought, or are just curious to learn more about prosthesis and amputees. I aim for my readers to get a sense of who I am, have a good laugh or a good cry, and walk, hop, or roll away with more appreciation and love for themselves and their loved ones.

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