There are often times when people approach me either in real life or through social media and they boast about how truly inspirational I am. My first instinctive reaction is always, “What, me? No way!”

I suppose I’ve never really done anything “inspirational” in my life. I mean, I grew up in multiple small towns, went to high school in a small town, grew up with the same people that I had known since birth in those same small towns. I’ve worked as a cocktail waitress showing too much skin for my own comfort and laughing at weird jokes, just to get a better tip. I’ve never been arrested but during my childhood, I did get into a few fights. I paint and draw but not very well. I sing to the radio and watch Disney movies. I forget deodorant sometimes and trip over the only foot I have (at the moment). I take care of my child like most all parents do with their own children.


How am I so inspirational?

And then it clicked.

Perhaps it’s not so bad being an inspiration to others. While, yes, I am just a normal gal with a small disability and live my life as most do. If what I do with my life can help others to see what is possible in their lives than, I guess I’ll be inspirational. If the sight of me picking up my wheelchair in and out of the trunk of my car helps someone to gain the motivation to get into the gym after having been telling themselves that for the past year, then cool, I’ll be your inspiration giiirrl.

If me managing to live my life, as wonderful and frustrating as it is, by doing normal humanly things, such as going to college, being a Mama, holding down a job, singing karaoke, and waiting forever and a day for someone to get out of the restroom that is specifically meant for people like me. If all of this helps other amputees and disabled people believe in themselves enough to get out there and do all the things that they want to do… And if what I do, helps those who do not have a disability be more amped and motivated to do something that they’ve been wanting to do or helps them to do something that makes them happy. Then again, I am more than happy to be your motivation.

So, get up and at’em – go and do things that make you happy, and become someone else’s inspiration.  

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