Hello Readers

Hello Readers, I wanted to take a moment to update you all on what’s been going on in my life in the hopes that you all might understand or  just to give a reason as to why I haven’t posted in a few months. Which I’d like to formally apologize for, to my boss Tracie, […]

You Are Not Half

I’d like to discuss a topic that comes up a little too often (to me personally) in the plethora of amputee groups that I am a member of.  Topics such as: “Will I ever find love as an amputee?” “How is your sex life as an amputee and will it ever get any better?” “Did […]


When you become an amputee you are brought into a whole new world of learning. I’m  actually still learning and it’s been 3 years since my amputations.  When you finally find that prosthetic company that really hits home with you and you just know they’re the one for you, there is a process. In my […]