For a little update on what is currently going on in my life I’d like to start with a hallelujah! I am stoked that it is summer break. I seriously thought of registering for summer semester, but with most things, I procrastinated and registration kind of passed my sloth-like self up. So, here I am. Barely knowing how to function without a book constantly in my hands or my nose consistently pressed against my computer screen as I finish up class work. Don’t get me wrong, when everything starts settling down I will be watching the clock tick and waiting for the day of fall semester to start up again. My grades have been a huge accomplishment and I’m nearly done with the credits I’ll need to transfer. I can just taste the day that is to come when I have my diploma in hand and I’m walking across the stage for myself and my daughter.
I’ve been going through my belongings recently and getting rid of a TON of things. Watching back-to-back “How to be a minimalist” videos on YouTube as I prepare for my new place. I’m thinking to myself as I sit in the ceiling-high heap of trinkets and things that I’ve kept for years and rolling my eyes. Minimalist Myah, HAH. No way Jose.
On the topic of my new place – it’s amazing and quant and perfect for me and Harper. I knew it was the one when I envisioned her running about and me yelling, “Ahhh! Don’t climb that!”

Onto other things! Nick, the Gulf Coast Prosthetics, prosthetist is making a special pitstop to get my new AK leg to me. It’s beautiful, and I am so excited to get busy with walking on two feet again! Which I will be sure to include you guys in the process of.

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