School has officially started, I keep going over all of these classes I’ve crammed my schedule with and thinking how in the heck am I going to be able to do all of this? While managing to write a blog, take care of GCP’s social media account, and chance after a toddler that wants endless attention. Yeesh, I’m a little-frightened guys but excited too. I’ve always loved school. Even as a small child on my very first day of school ever, my Mama walked me to my pre-K class and then waited for me to do anything that a normal kid would do, you know the crying, holding onto their Moms, or fighting to go back home. Not me though, I simply turned around and said, “You can go now, Mama.” 

I honestly don’t know which way would have been sadder. I hope that Harper cries for me at least a teensy tiny bit on her first day, though knowing her and how independent she acts sometimes, I doubt that will be the case. 

Anyway y’all, I will be drowning in overdue laundry and cereal that has been thrown everywhere, homework assignments and exams. Luckily and thankfully, this semester is the last semester I have before working on my Masters. Good vibes and love will be much appreciated and as always, thank you for tuning in!