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You’ll Find a Way



When you’re feeling at your lowest, at your saddest – when you feel like you just keep failing, there is one thing you should always remember: You WILL find a way.

Lately, I’ve been feeling a little down. Crying a little, laughing a little, eat a little too many Cheez-Its, if you know what I mean. I’ve been thinking a lot of “What is wrong with you, Myah” and “You couldn’t do this one thing right?”

Going through some forgetfulness, some ignorance, a few too many moments of weakness – nothing huge. I catch myself looking at the lives that people in my condition have built for themselves and how hard it must have been, and how rewarding it must feel. Then I wonder if I’ll ever be there. If I’ll ever work up the courage to go somewhere without worrying if I’ll even be able to freely do what I’d like to, because of my disability, things like that.

I am a realist, in the past, I might have been considered a pessimist, though I hold optimism now I just choose where to put my optimism in order to save my heart a little ache. I’m “real” with myself about the things that I can and cannot do, at the moment. I know that there is no way that I could run wild with horses, or if I were to, I know that there is a HUGE possibility that I will, indeed, fall and bust my butt. Hah.

I have to stop and remind myself that it’s okay to not be Super Woman, if you will, or some super successful person. It’s okay, I’m a work in progress. My whole life changed in the blink of an eye and I had to start from scratch. It’s okay. I’m okay.

So, this is from me to you, if you’re feeling down like you’ve never accomplished anything. It’s good to know that you don’t have to climb the highest mountain, you don’t have to be in the “greatest shape,” you don’t have to win a hundred gold medals or have served in the armed forces. You don’t have to constantly have a smile on your face when you’re going through something hard. You’re still a “hero” to me. You’re still a hero to someone. Someone like your daughter, your sibling, your mother, your father. You’re a hero to a stranger who has lost their way and found it again after having just spoken with you.

You’ll find a way.