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10 Lessons Learned Living as an Amputee 

  1. It’s okay to laugh, really laugh at everything it helps tremendously. Having humor is like the number one advantage that helps people to cope with trauma. 
  2. Always, always have good brakes on your wheelchair (if you use one) you will never realize just how unlevel your house really is until you have no brakes. Hah. 
  3. Get rid of the rugs. And carpet. Or just the rugs but mainly all carpet. 
  4. Have confidence. Don’t lower your head to those who stare. You look them right in the eyes and show them just how fierce you are. If I’ve learned anything from America’s Next Top Model – is how to sm-eyes. Smile with those eyes, boo. 
  5. Ask questions, like a TON, never stop asking questions. I stopped before I even started and now I’m 3 years in and still haven’t a clue on some things. 
  6. Ask for help. Always, always ask for help when it’s due. It is 100% OK to ask others for help. 
  7. It’s totally fine for you not to want to be around people that make your disability the star of the show. You are a person, regardless of a disability or not. You deserve to be known for who you are – not for your lack of appendages.  
  8. Get out there and have fun. It took me a long time to realize that even without my legs I could go out, sing karaoke, go to the zoo, have adventure after adventure and it still be fun. Don’t let this be your downfall, you’ve gotten this far. Do things for yourself because you deserve happiness. 
  9. Fall on your friends and family when you need to. That’s what they are there for, just as that’s what you are there for, for them to fall on too.
  10. Lastly, patience really is key. Be patient with yourself and your loved ones. Your body and your mind is adapting to all of the changes – so are your loved ones.  

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