Ways to Maximize the Benefits of your Prosthesis

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Ways to Maximize the Benefits of your Prosthesis



One thing about becoming an amputee is that there is literally this whole new world that you’ve just become a part of. It can get a little scary sometimes and you might find yourself clueless, like me. Even now, I’m learning new things while doing research for this blog. Like, WOW, who knew you could put deodorant on your residual limb to cut back on that slippery leg that inevitably causes “leg farts.” Which can be a little embarrassing especially out in public, hah. So here are a few things that you can do in order to maximize the benefits of your prosthesis and ultimately make your life as an amputee a lot easier.


  • Follow instructions

Following instructions provided by your Prosthetists. I get it, some instructions are boring, like shoes, for instance, all I personally want to do is wear cute shoes. But take it from my experience, it’s worth wearing ugly shoes as long as it takes you to learn how to walk with legs that are not humanly yours than it is to walk in shoes that have the potential to cause damage and delay the process. Back on subject, make sure that you follow the necessary orders given to you. I.e. Look at and check out your residual limb daily, taking the time to clean your residual limb and prosthetic leg thoroughly. Making sure that you address any problems that may occur, with your Prosthetist so that it can be handled swiftly and correctly to prevent further problems.

  • Have Goals

Make goals for yourself, for your life. Small ones, large ones, it doesn’t matter. Pour yourself into those goals and accomplish those goals. Driving was a goal of mine and now I drive everywhere. Just as bad as I did before losing my legs, hah. Get up out of bed and try to do things that are a little harder now. Trust me, it only gets easier with time.

  • Wear your prosthetic

Wear it every day, wear it as if it’s your real leg because it is now. You get more accustomed to wearing it regularly it begins to feel like a part of you.