Today was not a very good day. I went to my local Walmart to pick up a few groceries and household goods for our new place. I tend to use those motorized grocery carts while shopping because carrying a baby in my lap, a gallon of milk, a box of diapers, and other things all while trying to roll myself around is really hard and tiring honestly. I end up unloading, place my child and my wheelchair in the car, and then sit breathing for a few minutes to recuperate from the massive exercise my not-so-in-shape body just received. 

Today was one of those days that I wished I had just loaded up my wheelchair, but I was dumb, I suppose, with thinking that I could just use my crutches to get inside and grab a cart quickly and then go on my merry way. That was not the case, the entrance I went in did not have any parked. Thinking to my lazy self I’m like greeeattt. So, I hop all the way to the other side of the store to hopefully find one there. Negative ghost rider. None were in sight. I then make my way back across the store because I parked over there and at this point, I am getting pretty emotional. Thinking to myself, if I just wasn’t this way then I wouldn’t have to deal with things like this or how much I wished I could do the simple task of just grocery shopping. By becoming emotional walking started to become harder, my shoulders began to ache, and then I (get this) I started to cry. CRY! How absurd is that?! Oh boy, it was a big ol’ mess. I was a mess, anyway. 

I know that the best thing to do is to not let things like the lack of a motorized grocery cart affect me in this way because it affected me physically as well. I honestly thought I might have to sit down and take a break just from hopping across Walmart. This is all coming from a gal that literally hops for hours and is fine. 

I went and sat in my car for a little while and composed myself – started writing, well… This. When I saw a “buggy boy” walking past. I knew I could probably just come back tomorrow, or the next day – but I really wanted to get my things today. So I rolled down my window, puffy-eyed and asked if he could see if there were any available that he could see in the parking lot because some people leave them there. (Always put them back and plug em’ in!) He immediately said don’t worry, I’ll find one. And he did. 

I then shopped and passed by several people some kids using them for fun, some adults using them for laziness and then getting up and out to walk to a freezer and grab milk then walk back and place their milk in the cart. Things like that sorta really irks me. There are several people who actually need those, you know. I try not to get too angry or upset because I know that some people (the kids) are just ignorant because I was once ignorant too. Hopping on one when I had both legs and riding around because it was fun or whatever. 

Needless to say, today had its ups and downs. It was definitely a day that tried my patience. I know that there will be more days like this to come and like today I will get past it. I guess I just wanted to write this because it’s not always peaches and cream. Some days are hard – today I was a little dramatic, you know, but, yeah… It gets hard, you cry and then you pick yourself back up and go and steal the show of your life back.  


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