To-Do List



I’ve been so busy lately with getting the last of my furniture moved into the new place that I’ve gotten a little sidetrack. Now that everything is finally winding down I can finally catch back up. Below I will share things that I would like to do before the time I’ve turned 30. Which only gives me a few years, but plenty enough time to finish them. They are in no particular order, by the way.

  1. Get my degree. Nothing seems sweeter than the taste of the accomplishment after all of the hard work I put into my education. That Masters is callin’ my name and soon after my Doctorate.
  2. Whale watching. Something about being in the open blue and watching the majestic creatures that God has created makes my heart flutter. Plus, I’ve never actually seen a whale.
  3. Create my own nonprofit organization that revolves around amputees of all ages, especially in South East Texas. Fun fact: The closest Amputee Coalition to the Houston/Beaumont area is in Fort Worth, Texas. Whyyyyy
  4. Get married. Cliché, I know. But who wouldn’t want to share a life with the person that makes their soul happy? All that AND you get to share the same last name? Yes, please.
  5. Eeek, I am a complete pansy when it comes to heights, so this will be a huge thing for me. But I’ve had it on my bucket list since before I can even remember. So, I figure, why not?
  6. Run. Running seems like a bit of a reach where I am at right now, but with hard work and determination, I’ll get there. 

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