Looking on the bright side of things can help you to have a much happier life. Trust me, I used to live a half empty kind of life and in all honesty, that stuff is for the birds. For you, I have compiled a short list of things that can be seen as great blessings. Hopefully, this will help new amputees, scheduled amputees, older amputees, etc., to view things a little more sunny and a little (or a lot) less dreary instead.

  • Do you have social anxiety and have trouble putting yourself out there to start conversations with people? Worry no more, when you are missing a limb there are loads of people who love to approach you and talk with you on the topic of said missing limb.
  • You don’t really need to wear socks anymore if you’re a lower limb amputee anyway. No more stinky feet!
  • When you lose a leg, you really can see how a community can come together for one person, you. It’s really astonishing and breathtaking how incredible people are. Losing a limb can also weed out those “friends” who aren’t really your friends if you catch my drift and shines a light on those who actually love you. Those who will drive over an hour at night just to play games and eat Chinese food with you, who don’t heavily sigh because they have to put your wheelchair in the car. (Thank you, Talbot, I love you!)
  • No more shaving, your legs at least. Hah.
  • If you’re like me and don’t have either foot it won’t matter if there is critters, Moot Mockers, or snakes in your boots! Yeehaw!
  • One less limb means less weight on that scale baby girl, heeeey. You might have been thinking about losing a couple extra pounds, how does 20 sound?
  • There are SO MANY Halloween costumes to choose from! Tired of the same old, boring kitty cat? Be an adventurous pirate or a cyborg!
  • Being an amputee can open all sorts of doors for you in the business industry. There are companies like Alleles who will actually pay you and give you a leg cover FREE of charge. All you have to do is represent gurrllll.
  • Being an amputee period is a blessing. I like to use “it could be worse” for myself, no one else better tell me that, BUT me, myself, and I know that it could be worse. Thank God for prosthetics which give me and others alike, the opportunity to walk again.

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