Ahhh, teachers. A bunch of brilliant and amazing women and men who have made the difficult decision to live their lives as educators, mentors, confidantes, and molders of future generations. Being a teacher is hard. You have students who disobey, you watch and protect children who aren’t yours and are sometimes scolded – unfairly by those that are meant to have your back. Some children will spit, punch, and yell at you.

It is a hard job to shape those same children into good and successful people. How do they do it? I still don’t have any idea and I have a family full of amazing teachers and educators. I, as a matter of fact, am currently in school to become a mentor and counselor for children and young adults.

Nowadays schools have enforced that teachers are to supply materials and supplies for the classroom. This includes the supplies and materials that 20+ children do not have and/or cannot afford. As you can imagine, being a new teacher, especially a first-year teacher can be really financially troubling. Imagine you’ve just graduated college with your handy-dandy bachelor’s degree and are in serious debt, eating ramen noodles, and then you start a new job where you must supply ALL of the materials. Yikes!

With all of this being said, my mother (who is a 16-year teacher) and I have both taken on the opportunity to provide for those first-year teachers, in hopes that it makes their year a little easier, a little smoother – leaving them a little more prepared. I urge everyone to take the opportunity to help those that mold the small minds of America into the brilliant ones that hold this amazing country together. Change a teacher’s life, pray for those same teachers and more, and support those same teachers who educate our children and who care for our children as if they are their own.

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