Growing up as a child with limb loss, or with any disability really, is unfathomable. I cannot imagine children going through what I have been through, but I suppose that is a real testament to how absolutely incredible and adaptive kids can be. Being in an environment with people and others that also live with limb loss or with the same disability as yourself is very therapeutic. You can ask all the questions that people living without a disability can’t answer. You can finally joke around about those stinky stump socks with someone who actually understands.

Giving your child, who lives with limb loss or physical disability, the feel of a community in which they are welcomed unconditionally in a world that is, well, pretty ignorant (unfortunately) is a great way to contribute to their physical and intellectual advancement. Who knows! They might come back with a different perspective and a new yearning for teaching others about living with limb loss. Check out the camps listed below for more information:


Texas Lions Camp in Kerrville, TX. The Texas Lions Camp offers a free-of-charge camp for physically disabled and diabetic children from Texas. See more here:


Camp Xtreme is a camp that provides a fun experience for children ages 8-21 with physical disabilities. Camp Xtreme helps to assist kids towards a “new level of independence, self-awareness, and confidence.” See more here:


Adventure Amputee Camp, while AAC is not located in Texas there is both a summer camp in Bryson City, North Carolina and a winter camp located in Wintergreen, Virginia this is a really great opportunity for your child. The opportunity to experience the fresh air and mountains, the snow, or learning how to ski. They offer a range from white water rafting, rope courses, tennis, water skiing, tubing, scuba diving, yoga, basketball, ziplining and more. See more information:


Paddy Rossbach Youth Camp, PRYC is a safe place for children with limb loss created by the infamous Amputee Coalition. This summer camp revolves around educating children with limb loss and helping them to become more comfortable with themselves as they meet others just like them. The Paddy Rossbach Youth Camp also offers a leadership program (Leadership Camp) which gives those who have just crossed the age limit to come back and become a leader for the children who are now in a position in which they were in when they were that age. It is located in Ohio, see here:


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