Strategies for Disabled Entrepreneurs

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Strategies for Disabled Entrepreneurs



It’s always so exciting when you come up with a brilliant idea, something that you’ve never thought you could do before, but realizing it’s something you always wanted. It can also be a little intimidating and scary – don’t let that stop you though! Take a look at a few of these strategies that may help you navigate into our new career as an entrepreneur. There are many important and rewarding aspects of becoming a disabled entrepreneur such as those listed below:

  • Continued support through Social Security Disability Insurance
  • Independence that you might not have seen working for a company.
  • Comfortable working environment made specifically for your needs and accessible.
  • Flexible work schedules, as well as, choosing your own schedule and pace.

First things first, what is something that you are passionate about doing? Are struggling, like me (hah), to find what your path or potential is? What I suggest you do, is to make a list of what you are great at doing. This could range from, I am a very personable person and love to be with people all day to I really enjoy researching and writing, I’m also very organized and always on time.

I would then suggest you compose a list that you don’t like. For instance, you may not like to work in a certain work environment or being surrounded by a lot of people might be your weakness. Go through each list and look for a pattern. Ask yourself what your reasons are for starting your own business? Can you handle the amount of time and effort it takes to get your business going? Are you prepared? Are you financially ready? Think about this very good and hard and never stop supporting your goals and aspirations.