I’m not sure about you guys, but when I’m planning on going somewhere I always think about the possibilities and what could happen – especially due to the fact that I am a disabled Mama. So, I tend to ask myself questions like, “What do I do if I get a flat?” While I know that I could (maybe) change a flat on my own, it would be very difficult for me and difficult for others in my situation or maybe even impossible. I also think about whether or not where I am going has ramps in the event that I am using my wheelchair. Does the bathroom have a door that I can get into? All these things that “disabled” people have to think about before making any moves can be such a drag sometimes. *ugh*

Though I will say that there are some pretty great programs that are in place so that we are never left behind and if we do get into a blind (like I did today) there is always a way and always someone to call!

So, I’m going to fill you guys in. As most of you reading know, this weekend was my family reunion. Which was in Ingram, TX – Ingram is a beautiful town with all sorts to do, though really mellow and not very touristy. Today was spent trying to make the 6-7 hour long drive back home and my car started overheating. When I pulled off I immediately called roadside assistance through my phone company. As I am sweating profusely and dabbing a wet cloth onto my daughter’s head to try and cool her off the lady tells me that I should just call 911. Being that I have a baby with me, and we were essentially broken down on the side of the road they would consider that as an emergency. Lucky for me, I was able to make it to the nearest hotel. BUT this experience got me thinking about this type of situation and how others might be going through this and have no idea what to do or where to turn. So, I have compiled a list of websites you can go to when you’re in need of a good accessible hotel or in need of roadside assistance suitable for people who use wheelchairs.

I hope that this will help you when you make plans to get out there and have fun!










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