To update you all on the recent events in my life I’ll start off with the obvious (title). I’ve finally registered for my next semester of school and I am extremely excited and so ready. Who knows… Maybe I will be overloaded with anxiety, hustling through classes, and trying to squeeze those procrastinated exams in all while juggling work and a one-year-old, BUT as of right now I am completely and utterly content and happy that school is finally starting again for me. After this semester, I will have enough hours and credits to transfer to a university of my choosing (not sure about which one yet). I’m guess-timating that I will only have 2 years left until I receive my Masters. You read that right, only TWO MORE YEARS. I could literally squeal with excitement!

Moving on… Harper and I have adjusted to our new place with the exception of a couple boxes that still need unpacking, but all in all, everything is falling into place. We just got back from our mini-vacation and I am still finding sand.

Harper hit 19 months on the 12th and I still can’t believe she’s nearly two. Every time I look at her I still see the newborn baby that was the length of my forearm. On occasion, I look up and it seems she’s grown overnight, turning into a little girl instead of a baby. We had a little scare a couple of days ago when she started acting a little weird, a little extra clinging like she didn’t want me to put her down. So, I held her while I cooked, I held her while I worked, I held her through the dishes and the clothes. When it came to night time she felt a little hot, so I gave her some Tylenol as said by her doctor and went about my way as a free-handed Mama able to get things done. It was close to midnight when I went to check on her, her warm forehead turned into a hot stovetop. I immediately started to worry as I checked her temperature, it was a whopping 104.1 degrees. I took her straight to the emergency room and found that she had an upper respiratory infection. Talk about a scare. Whew, to be a mother, right? I think I grew at least three gray hairs from that night alone. Haha.

She’s doing a lot better, wrestling with me and cracking up at silly things. I have such a blessed life and I am so blessed to be the Mama to the most beautiful little girl.

Thank you all for your continuous support and love,


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