Realization and How it Still Hits Me

It’s sort of strange how accustomed we get to things in our lives. But I guess, it’s the same concept that we are comfortable and forgetful of simple things like tattoos, piercings, beauty marks, and so on.

We sometimes, especially me, forget that we even have a disability. Some days I literally realize and really am like, “Oh wow! I’m an amputee!”

Who would have thunk it.

Like everyone, I have a schedule – that I usually don’t stick to. Whoops.

But a schedule, nonetheless, of living day-to-day life and sometimes with all the commotion I forget that I’m an amputee.

I’m comfortable in the way that I do things, and while yes I am unable to do some things, I really don’t do those things anyway.

So, in essence, I have no problems in everyday life that would cause me to even realize that I don’t have legs.

Does anyone else forget sometimes? Comment down below!

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