There are times in life when we go through challenges, some more traumatic than others and they all ultimately affect us in different ways. When challenges arise, there will always be two choices to make. You can become bitter or you can make the decision to become better.

Life is complicated and hard sometimes, we all know this. There are those certain people with bitter hearts that come along and tarnish our spirits, hurt us in various ways. We are left beaten down and bruised physically, mentally, or both from these painful experiences. It can be so tempting to be bitter back, resorting to resenting the people that have been so hurtful. But that wouldn’t get us anywhere except in the same lonely and bitter place as they are in.

It takes making a conscious decision before the bitterness takes over your heart and mind. While personally, viewing the many different circumstances I have been in – I would have a very good reason to choose bitterness. It would be so easy to yell and say a few choice words to those who have made my life so difficult, to those who have no regard for my being, my heart, or my existence. A very knowledgeable and kind man once told me, it will only matter if I let it matter.

I used to let the bitterness engulf me, and I would give to those said people the exact reaction they wanted so badly. I would then be left feeling completely dull and not really myself. I realized that I didn’t want to be like the people that caused the deep wounds inside of me. I don’t want to be that person who chooses to hurt others with the pain that I have been dealt with.

 So, I choose to rise. I choose to love myself more than that, and I choose to treat people with kindness. Just the way my Mama raised me to do. My life is filled with absolutely amazing people, who support me and my daughter with their love, they help raise me up when I am down, and consistently cheer me on while I’m on my journey as a mother, student, and amputee.

Bitterness will try and weasel its way into your heart, don’t let it. Rise above the circumstances you have gone through and are going through. It’s your choice, be bitter or be better.


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