A question I get asked on the daily about odd things one wouldn’t really ask that question towards. 

Stemming from motherhood, to grocery shopping, to just sitting minding my own business, really. 

The way that I do things can be construed as unorthodox because well, you see a one-prosthetic legged amputee, hobbling about snapping a 2 year old into a car seat and throwing a wheelchair in the trunk, etc etc. 

So, how DO I really do to?! 

It’s fairly simple actually. I do it because I want to. I do it because I have to. I do it because this is the way of my life. It’s the way of my world just as shopping and keeping up with your children is the way of yours. 

I fall, I get up, laugh it off, and I try again. 

I cry, I ache just like everyone and then I pick myself up and get on with the things that bring joy into my life, even if said things get hard to handle sometimes. 

I am a warrior, who has fought battles beyond what some can fathom. Just as each and every person, disabled (or not), are all warriors of their own trials, their pasts, the things that have made them who they are. 

But, how I do things, isn’t really anyone’s business but my own. I enjoy educating people and sometimes,  just sometimes I’ll feed into their curiosity and show them and/or tell them what they want to know. 

I mean, who knows if they might see someone else like me and inform others of how incredible and adaptive people with disabilities are. 

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