Hello June!

Hello June!



Summer is finally upon us. The days when the first step you take outside melts your entire face off, where the humidity is at a solid 150%, but the love for Texas remains the same.

Prior to my amputation, I was an adventurist – going to different states and sometimes just doing things right here in good ole’ Texas. Now, I’m a little clueless about the what-to-knows and how-tos of an amputee in the summer who is just wanting a little adventure, and maybe some of you feel the same way.

So! Dun dun dunun unn. Here I am, to show you, through research what you might need to know as an amputee in the heat of summer.  

  1. Make sure to dry your residual limb or let it air out periodically – nubs get sweaty, just like feet and the liner that is used keeps all that moisture in there. It can be pretty gross, like that one kid who blows all the saliva out of his trombone or whatever, but hey, you gotta do whatcha gotta do.
  2. While on the subject of heat and sweat, this can cause your residual limb to shrink with the loss of water, just like every other part of your body when you lose “water weight.” Keep a few socks on hand in case you feel like your prosthetic is a little loose or uncomfortable.
  3. If you decide to travel away from home this summer, make sure that you pack some essentials. These simple steps can save you from a whirlwind of trouble! First, check your prosthetic to make sure it’s in good shape (your liner isn’t ripped or has holes, the tape is in good shape, etc.) Pack extras just-in-case, including plastic bags to put your prosthetic in.
  4. If you’re taking a plane trip somewhere you might want to request wheelchair assistance, especially when you have strenuous walking to and from stations during layovers and such – this is also a huge plus because like with parking, we get front of the line/door service (heyyy). It may also be useful if you bring a letter from your prosthetist or physician describing your need for a prosthetic limb when you go through security. While, yes, it is like a giant elephant in the room as to why you need a prosthetic limb, some people just don’t get it.
  5. If you’re wanting to go to the beach and you are having doubts about your walk in the sand, or perhaps you are unable to at the moment. There are multiple beaches in Texas that provide beach wheelchairs that make for a really easy and useful trip out to the water. Call ahead of time and see if there are any available, more than likely there will be. Pick one up and voila! You are ready for some fun at the beach!

I hope these few tips and tricks help you this summer as you try and beat the heat!

For more information about the beach wheelchairs specifically for Galveston follow the link below.