Lately, my days have been filled with placing my valuables in boxes and sorting through the keeps, the giveaways, and the donations. It’s quite a satisfying feeling ridding my life of what I don’t need as well as the things that don’t make an impact on my life or actively make me happy for that matter. Why did I keep my first driver’s license for so long? Or the notes that friends and I had scribbled to each other back in middle school and the love letters from my high school sweetheart? It was nice to go down memory lane one final time. Doing so helped me to remember where I came from, who I am, how I got this far, and how much further I have to go.

My once chest of drawers filled with cute lacey tops and fairly short shorts are now filled with little socks, onesies, and miniature pants. I rarely collect photos of friends and tend to just live in the moment of things. Photo albums lined with pictures of the child version of me all the way up until my graduation day. A young Myah decked out in the colors red, black, and white for that traditional Bobcat pride. Now, I get to continue the family tradition with my mini-me. Though, at the rate I’m going there will be thousands of photo albums, hah.

I’m excited to be on this adventure through life with my sweet baby girl and can’t help but to be proud of myself for all of the things I have accomplished and am still working towards. I sometimes wish I could have let my past-self know how better things would get. How beautiful my life would be, all it took was time. Time for me to change, time for me to start fighting for what I believed in, and the time for me to realize that I needed to push past everything and work hard for myself, and then my Janie Bug, Harper. I think it would have made things a lot easier, I would have gotten where I am sooner. Although, all of my trials only helped shape me into the woman I am. The hardship that beat me down, the wrongful self-deprivation, and misguided judgments. Everything that has ever happened and everything that is to come is but a thread in my ever-growing quilt of life.


“Scars remind us of where we’ve been. They don’t have to dictate where we’re going”

― David Rossi (Criminal Minds)

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