Over the weekend, my little family and I went to the beach. We had been planning on taking this trip for quite a while and each day that brought us closer to it came as a continuously bigger wave of emotion. This was the very first time that I had been to the beach and the ocean since my amputation. My anxiety was skyrocketing as my mind was filling with more and more questions. How would I get in the water? How would I roll or crutch through the pesky sand? How would I be able to have a handle on my rambunctious toddler? I also had a lot of doubt that I wouldn’t be able to actually get out there.

Boy, was I wrong. I guess it had been so long from the time that I had last been to the beach that I didn’t realize just how close one can park by the sea or how solid the sand was to roll on. I mean, if a car can do it – I can do it, right? All of my worries were quickly turned into laughs and an experience that will go down in the books as a great one as well as the start of many more adventures to be had.

The only extra precautions I took was just taking my leg off. Salt water tends to corrode and rust the different components of your prosthesis. If you do intend to use your leg though, I say do it as long as you know your prosthetic. I’m not saying jump into a lake with a full-on electrical device. But using an old prosthetic is something you should definitely think about. Nothing should hold you back in this life including something that is supposed to grant you more freedom and independence. Just remember to take apart the foot etc. and wash it all out really good, set it out in the sun to dry and then do it all over again. I would also like to suggest that you bring a friend or a family member to have fun with and to lend a hand if and when you need one. 

Last but not least, have fun – don’t stress too much. Enjoy being alive and don’t let fear hold you from doing the things that you want most. 

Love and light to you all.


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