I’ve never been good at remembering things. I lose my keys daily and forget to brush my hair. But I do remember you, the little that I can remember anyway, a mere handful of times that I’ve seen you. This isn’t about you though. This is about him. He who, instead of leaving me sitting alone at school when everyone else was excitedly eating with their fathers for “Bring Your Father to School Day” – came and sat with me so that I could excitedly eat as well.

He who helped instill courage and respect into my heart.

My Pawpaw was a good man. Probably the best I will ever know and that’s saying something because I, lucky enough, have a slew of amazing men in my family and an extremely amazing one who has my heart. With all of the hubbub of Father’s Day, it brought me back to the times when I was little. Making a card with a Crayola-drawn stick figure playing golf, one that had only three hairs and resembled my hairless Pawpaw. The card had “Happy Father’s Day” sloppily written on the front. I remember the games we played and how smart he was. The first garden I had ever been introduced to was one that was sown by the worn and kind hands of my Pawpaw. Each season would arrive with new goodies to pick, to which my Mawmaw would then make into a delicious meal or canned item. There are traditions that never really grow old, even if it’s something simple like making sure a child’s hands are dry after washing them. I miss my hands being held. The weekends that I would stay with my Grandparents and the time we would spend watching old western movies and my Mawmaw’s soap operas (those of which my Pawpaw got roped into watching and in all honesty, I think he really enjoyed haha).

The stories of his life would bring wonder to my heart and laughter rumbling through my belly. He was a good person, a good dad, and a phenomenal Pawpaw. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of at least one thing he had taught me.

So, Happy Heavenly Father’s Day to the one man that showed me what it was sorta-kinda like to have a dad, who helped me realize that I was worth it – just by showing me each day that I was worth his time.

Sending love up above to you, Pawpaw, thank you.

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