October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

  What is Breast Cancer, you ask?                 Breast cancer is a disease in which malignant (cancer) cells form in the tissues of the breast. Here I have compiled a list of facts about breast cancer, when to get checked, early detection plans, etc.   Breast Cancer Facts On average, every 2 minutes a womanContinue reading.

Strategies for Disabled Entrepreneurs

    It’s always so exciting when you come up with a brilliant idea, something that you’ve never thought you could do before, but realizing it’s something you always wanted. It can also be a little intimidating and scary – don’t let that stop you though! Take a look at a few of these strategiesContinue reading.

Believing Again

Around every corner there are blessings. There was once a time in my life that I honestly thought that there could not be a God, because if there were one why was I dealt with such horrible obstacles -obstacles that some may never have gotten over. Why was I ripped apart by a train? WhyContinue reading.

Me, Myself, and Disability

  Hello, my name is Myah, and if by some chance you didn’t know, I am a bilateral amputee. I have been an amputee for almost three years now, and honestly, some days I forget I’m disabled. To me, it’s really weird to say that, “I am disabled.” It sounds kind of like I’m someContinue reading.

Facts About Suicide

I urge all who are reading to learn something new, and then go and do something. “To be the change that we want to see.” 1.) On average, 1 person dies by suicide every 16.2 minutes. 2.) Depression that is untreated, undiagnosed, and ineffectively treated is the number 1 cause of suicide. 3.) Women haveContinue reading.

September is Suicide Awareness Month

As you have read by the title, September is Suicide Awareness month, and as hard as it can be to talk about this subject. I find it really important to do so, in the hopes of shining some light on one of the most silent and saddest killers. So, for the month of September, IContinue reading.


School has officially started, I keep going over all of these classes I’ve crammed my schedule with and thinking how in the heck am I going to be able to do all of this? While managing to write a blog, take care of GCP’s social media account, and chance after a toddler that wants endlessContinue reading.

Challenges of an Amputee

repost   Like everyone, amputees face challenges – most are different from the typical “have all of my limbs,” kind’a guy, but challenges nonetheless. So, here is a list of challenges that amputees (and people who utilize a wheelchair) face. Wheelchair access ramps: But really, why is there zero ramps at a store specifically forContinue reading.


repost     Welcome to the Gulf Coast Prosthetics Blog! My name is Myah McDonald, some of you reading might have already gotten a glimpse of my previous postings and such. I know, I know – it’s been too long, but here I am! Back at it again! I realized that my first time tryingContinue reading.

The Rolling Twenties

The Rolling Twenties   There are many moments in my life where I find it ironic how I am twenty-something, a mom, and disabled. For instance, usually, women my age are off in college, getting wild at music festivals, and taking forever to pick out their next nail polish color. While my life is nothingContinue reading.