What it’s Like Being a Single Mom on Mother’s Day

It’s 3:00 in the morning and I’ve just been woken up by some ruckus in Harper’s room. She’s tossing and turning again and for some reason she just can’t grasp onto sleep for long before waking up again. I cuddle her making sure she had drifted off again before slowly heading out of the roomContinue reading.

You Are Not Half

I’d like to discuss a topic that comes up a little too often (to me personally) in the plethora of amputee groups that I am a member of.  Topics such as: “Will I ever find love as an amputee?” “How is your sex life as an amputee and will it ever get any better?” “DidContinue reading.

The Joy of Motherhood – I Miss Her

I forget how much I miss her.  Throughout the day when the rumpus and the rummaging has started and I ache for peace and quiet.  I forget how much I miss her.  When the screeching and the howling has commenced and all I want is two minutes to myself.  I forget how much I missContinue reading.


When you become an amputee you are brought into a whole new world of learning. I’m  actually still learning and it’s been 3 years since my amputations.  When you finally find that prosthetic company that really hits home with you and you just know they’re the one for you, there is a process. In myContinue reading.

Realization and How it Still Hits Me

It’s sort of strange how accustomed we get to things in our lives. But I guess, it’s the same concept that we are comfortable and forgetful of simple things like tattoos, piercings, beauty marks, and so on. We sometimes, especially me, forget that we even have a disability. Some days I literally realize and reallyContinue reading.

Wise Words

10 Lessons Learned Living as an Amputee  It’s okay to laugh, really laugh at everything it helps tremendously. Having humor is like the number one advantage that helps people to cope with trauma.  Always, always have good brakes on your wheelchair (if you use one) you will never realize just how unlevel your house reallyContinue reading.

How do you do it?

A question I get asked on the daily about odd things one wouldn’t really ask that question towards.  Stemming from motherhood, to grocery shopping, to just sitting minding my own business, really.  The way that I do things can be construed as unorthodox because well, you see a one-prosthetic legged amputee, hobbling about snapping aContinue reading.


Depression Living with depression has been my norm since before I can remember. Even as a small child I remember myself as being sad. The truth is that I’m not really sure why.  It was bad after my accident although it was not nearly as bad as it was before and I’m not sure whyContinue reading.

Labels and How They Negatively Affect People with Disabilities

Ugh, I hate labels.  First, you are seeing the world for the very first time labeled as a girl or a boy, you are labeled if you are born to a married family or a single mother. Statistics show that those with single mothers will become single mothers and those who with married parents willContinue reading.

72 No Thank Yous

I’m sure all of you who also have a disability can relate to me when I say, help gets kind of annoying sometimes… I know, I know – some of you might be thinking about how ungrateful I am in saying that, but bear with me. I’d like to think of myself as a prettyContinue reading.