Me, Myself, and Disability


Hello, my name is Myah, and if by some chance you didn’t know, I am a bilateral amputee. I have been an amputee for almost three years now, and honestly, some days I forget I’m disabled. To me, it’s really weird to say that, “I am disabled.” It sounds kind of like I’m some sort of high-tech engineered robot, but I am defective, so in turn, I am officially disabled – powered down, off switch clicked, done. But I don’t feel that way… Like I said, sometimes I forget that not having legs is not necessarily part of the “normal” human form. It has taken a long time to accept that I am, indeed, disabled – even still I have a hard time with this realization because I feel so “normal” most of the time.

Before I became an amputee, I lived in a world that was sheltered by differences and disabilities. I had never seen an amputee in person and very rarely did I ever see people in wheelchairs. Even with me writing these blogs, able-bodied people (like I once was) probably won’t even glance at this, unless a disability immediately affects their lives, whether that be by having a child, family member, or friend who has a disability. It’s crazy how I am just one voice out of millions and it’s crazy and a little heartbreaking that just a short three years ago those millions of voices weren’t even a thought in my mind. Strangely enough, I would proudly live my “disabled” life all over again and again.