Continuing Your Care

Check Up


You may need Prosthetic Care if………..

  • – You have not seen your prosthetist with in the last 6 months
  • – You experience weight gain or weight loss of 10lbs or more
  • – Your functional/activity level changes
  • – Your prosthesis does not fit as well at it did




Maintenance is necessary to keep your prosthetic functioning properly. As you improve as a prosthetic user, it is important to have adjustments made to your prosthetic. Some examples of maintenance and adjustments you may need are….

  • – Liners, sleeves, and prosthetic socks should be properly maintained and kept in good working condition while utilizing your prosthetic.
  • – Alignment/Gait as a prosthetics user becomes more comfortable using his or her device, the alignment and gait will change and need to be adjusted to continue the best use of prosthetic.
  • – Prosthetics feet/knees/elbows/hands all require maintenance to ensure they are in good working condition at all times.




The lifetime of a prosthesis is dependent on activity level and lifestyle. By performing checkups and regular maintenance the lifetime of your prosthesis could be extended. Even with the best care a prosthesis will eventually have to be replaced. A socket replacement is required if any of the following take place.

  • – The socket no longer fits properly. Slipping or movement within the socket while wearing it.
  • – Residual Limb Size has changed
  • – Existing socket is worn out of broken
  • – An additional surgery to residual limb


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